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Remembrances of Justin & Living with Grief

Grief is an overwhelming and unimaginable pain that we live with every day when we lose someone. This page is dedicated to just some of the ways Justin's family & friends share in our grief.


For anyone wanting to visit some of the memorial locations we have set up for Justin:


Justin is buried at Sunset Memorial in a spot along the Lutheran South fence line right by the Freshmen soccer field where he can see the hill of the baseball field


*We have several pavers in honor of Justin at the following locations:

~Forest Park

~The Butterfly House (located in Chesterfield)

~Build-a-Bear Headquarters at Union Station

~The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (located on Lindell Blvd)


*The Buddy Bench (located at CCLS Elementary)


*The Green Park Lutheran School Gym is dedicated to Justin 


*JB2 plaque on the outfield fence at Maryville University where Justin was in his second year of college studying business & playing baseball


*(still in progress) Memorial Bench & Tree in Forest Park (Located between Bowl Lake & Seven Pools) 

**For more info on where any of these are located, please reach out to The Budrovich Family at any time

Justin Brick Paver at Forest Park.jpg

This is a brick paver honoring Justin in Forest Park at the bottom of Art Hill. Our goal is to keep Justin's memory alive and to keep sharing our story.

Pictures of the "Buddy Bench" at Christ Community Lutheran School- Elementary Campus Location


September is SUICIDE AWARENESS MONTH. To honor all those who have been effected by suicide in September, Budrovich Excavating provided shirts to all the employees and everyone was able to wear them together. This shirt honors Justin and everyone else touched by suicide. Always remember that the World is a better place with YOU in it. The Budrovich Family also wants to let everyone know that each and everyone of us are willing to help, listen, talk, drop anything we are doing if anyone ever needs any of us.


Dakota DeFreitas (Husband of Samantha Budrovich) got an eagle tattoo on his arm in honor and remembrance of Justin. 
Dakota Eagle Tat Full Body Pic.jpg
Dakota Eagle Tat.jpg
"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will SOAR ON WINGS like eagles; They will run and not grow weary; They will walk and not be faint."
Isaiah 40:31
Justin's Favorite Bible Verse


This is a mural painted on our wall in our house as a tribute to Justin who we miss every single day. He always has and always will be an important part of our family and our tree will never look the same without him. He is forever missed and forever remembered in our house and our hearts.

Painting by: Stacey Budrovich (Justin's Mom in 2022)

Tommy Stevenson, a friend and teammate of Justin, got a tattoo of Justin's bible verse on his leg to honor Justin and to remember God's words to "Hope in the Lord"


Isaiah 40:31

A friend of Justin's, Cody Schrader, got 2 tattoos in honor of Justin:

"I got this tattoo of Justin’s birthday because that is the day my brother was born. I got the tattoo on my neck so people ask what it means. When people ask, it gives me the opportunity to share Justin’s story with others and what a kind and loving human he was. He was the most special person in my life and I’m forever grateful to call him my brother."
Cody's Tat hand 2.jpeg
Cody's Tat neck.jpeg
Above: Tattoo of Justin's birthday 
Above: Tattoo of Justin's number, 2

11/24/21 💔 2 years without our Justin

This past thanksgiving season we are thinking about what a wonderful friend Justin was to so many and all the wonderful friends that Justin had. If you have a thought or memory or message and/or favorite photo with/of him and would like to share it with our family, it would mean so much to us. We put together a short video but we would like to compile another video for Justin’s website of all the photos/memories we receive. Keeping Justin’s memory alive is what fills our many dark days with a little light. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful family, friends, acquaintances, strangers who continue to reach out, we could never explain in words how much a simple “thinking of you” text means to us. God bless everyone this Thanksgiving season. 🤟🏼💙

Hugs to all!

The Budrovich Family 

December 2019


Justin had an amazing eagle tattoo on his arm in honor of his favorite bible verse:


“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, the will Soar on Wings like Eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint”

Isaiah 40:31


One of the ways we chose to honor Justin was to each get a tattoo of an eagle. The first picture is Justin’s arm and the second picture is each of our tattoos in honor of Justin. 


He soars on wings like eagles and we strive to keep his memory alive each and every day 🦅

This is our memorial tree in honor of Justin planted at the Budrovich Family's House. The flowers are Justin's favorite color, blue.
IMG_0756 copy.jpeg

Some really nice words & a picture shared with us by Cole, a friend that Justin played baseball with. Justin was such a great role model and teammate to everyone.
Cole Eggerding.jpg
Cole Eggerding Message.jpg
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